Sanctuary Trust open new facility

On Monday, #WorldHomelessDay2022, Sanctuary Trust opened their third and newest facility, providing accommodation for six more men in town. This addition has come about thanks to the help and support of Andium homes who own the building and have leased it to the Trust free of charge.

Sanctuary Trust Chairman Frank Walker said, ‘We are incredibly lucky with the support we have from not only Andium, but also a caring and generous couple who came to the Island as high net worth individuals a few years ago and bought our first two properties in St Aubin that they lease to use for £1 / year. Sometimes organisations and people like this get bad press in Jersey, but we would not be where we are without their wonderful generosity.”

Mr Walker continued to say that the Trust was in a really good place with the current management team that it has lead by Sarah Tumelty, but at the same time also expressed concern that for all the good work happening that the issues leading to homelessness in Jersey were on the increase. “We can’t hide away from the fact that demand on our services as well as those offered by other emergency accommodation providers is higher than ever”, he said.

“We welcome the enthusiasm, focus and support of newly appointed Housing Minister, David Warr, and look forward to working with him going forward. Having published a definition last week, we are now in a position to measure the numbers involved, and I think that everyone is in for a shock.”

Homelessness Jersey Chairman, Simon Burgess agreed with these sentiments and praised Sanctuary Trust for their continued work in this sector. He said, “With Sanctuary now able to house 30 residents each night, that takes the total number of people who can be accommodated by the four main hostel providers on a nightly basis up to 219 which is a 24% increase on last year.”