Nomination of Chairman and Members of Rent Control Tribunal

The Minister for Housing and Communities, Deputy David Warr has lodged a proposition nominating a chair and 3 members of the Rent Control Tribunal.  The Independent Chair of the Jersey Homelessness Strategic Board, Simon Burgess has been nominated as chair of the tribunal.  The appointment is subject to approval by the States which is expected to take place in September.

Following this, Deputy Southern has lodged a proposition asking that the States to request that the Minister for Housing and Communities appoint a tribunal made up of the following

  1. 1 member to act as Chair of the Tribunal
  2. 1 member to represent landlords
  3. 1 member to represent tenants
  4. 1 member to represent Andium Homes as the Government of Jersey’s largest social homes provider and 
  5. 1 member from the charitable sector with an understanding of homeless/consumer issues.

Under the law as it is currently drafted, the Rent Control Tribunal is unable to consider rents on homes “in respect of which the States or any administration of the States is either the lessor or the lessee”.