Letter received from Housing Minister

Responding to the Board’s letter dated 27 February 2024 confirming his commitment to implementing the recommendations of the Homelessness Strategy and the actions outlined in the Ministerial Response (2021) including the publication of a definition of homelessness in October 2022 ( R.138/2022).  He also stated  “I am supportive of a statutory definition of homelessness. However, I believe that any legislation would, in principle, need to make provision for some form of government assistance – whether that is to provide advice and support, co-ordinate services, or secure accommodation for Islanders who meet the definition. In order to get to a position where we can pass effective legislation which serves a clear and direct purpose in reducing homelessness in Jersey, my priority is to improve the scope and resourcing of the Housing Advice Service, as well as developing appropriate pathways with other agencies and government departments.”

Copy of letter is here https://homelessness.je/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/2024-03-21-Letter-from-Housing-Minister.pdf