Happy Christmas? – We hope that it is for everyone.

With three days to go until Christmas, we wonder just how happy it will be for all islanders.

Recent reports in the local press in Jersey have stated how demands on food banks are as high as they ever have been, and whilst the recent Soup Kitchen was a record-breaking success in terms of fundraising, there is an ever-increasing number of society that need regular support.

Both The Salvation Army and The Shelter Trust in Jersey have been quoted as saying that food bank demands have more than doubled in the last year.

What is the answer? When will it stop? How will it stop?

We help promote the valuable work done by both Governmental departments as well as organisations in the third sector and private enterprises in this field, and yet the situation is getting worse.

We ‘celebrate’ when new facilities are opened to support those who find themselves homeless, but this is really only evidence that society is failing others around them.

Keep sharing news stories and raising awareness. Homelessness and poverty is not the Government’s problem per se. We need a collaborative approach and to encourage everyone to help others less fortunate.

Here’s hoping that you have a Happy Christmas surrounded by friends and family, but please also spare a thought for others in the community who aren’t in the same situation.