Government of Jersey Supports the Formation of a Strategic Homelessness Board

A meeting was held on 3 May 2019 at Ocorian’s offices in St Helier to discuss the establishment of a specialist board to oversee the development of a strategy to tackle homelessness in Jersey.  The attendees present were John Hodge of The Shelter Trust, Richard Jouault, the Deputy CEO of Health and Social Services, Sean McGonigal, Director of Local Services, Jack Norris, Policy Principal, Paul McGinnety, Deputy Director of Community and Primary Pathways, Anna Terry, Charity Consultant and Simon Burgess, a Chartered Surveyor and MD of Ocorian.

Simon Burgess was invited to take up the role of independent chair of the board to be made up of representatives of stakeholders supporting Homelessness in Jersey.

It was proposed that the Board would oversee the work of specialist housing consultant, Wendy Dearden of Arc4 whose costs would be covered by a kind donation from Ocorian Trustees.