Letter received from Chief Minister

Responding to the Board’s letter to the Chief Minister dated 14 March 2024 confirming his support for the Homelessness Strategy and, supportive of the principle with regard to having a statutory definition of homelessness. Full copy of letter is here https://homelessness.je/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/2024-04-18-Letter-from-Chief-Minister.pdf

Letter received from Housing Minister

Responding to the Board’s letter dated 27 February 2024 confirming his commitment to implementing the recommendations of the Homelessness Strategy and the actions outlined in the Ministerial Response (2021) including the publication of a definition of homelessness in October 2022 ( R.138/2022).  He also stated  “I am supportive of a statutory definition of homelessness. However, […]

Open letter to Chief Minister, Deputy Lyndon Farnham

Homelessness Jersey congratulates the Deputy on his appointment as Chief Minister, and asks for his comments as to when a statutory definition of homelessness will be brought forward and the steps he will take to support the implementation of the Homelessness Strategy in full. Please click here https://homelessness.je/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/2024-03-14-Open-Letter-to-Chief-Minister-FINAL.pdf to read the open letter sent by […]

Open letter to the Housing Minister – February 2024

Please click here – 2024 02 27 Open Letter to Housing Minister FINAL – to read a letter from our Independent Chairman Simon Burgess to the new Housing Minister, Deputy Sam Mézec. Simon was keen to firstly congratulate Deputy Mézec on his appointment and to secondly to set out what we see as key priorities […]


The outlook for tackling homelessness in Jersey remains bleak with the latest data showing the situation is no better than a year ago. The latest quarterly flash report for Q4 2023 produced for the Jersey Homelessness Strategic Board and collated from data provided by five homeless and youth accommodation providers reveals a bleak picture for […]

Q4/2023 Jersey Homelessness Quarterly Flash Report

The Board and the five homelessness accommodation providers have collated the latest quarterly flash report. 226 available beds 204 people accommodated during the quarter 47 new people accommodated during the quarter 207 new people accommodated over the last 12 months Average length of stay per person is 494 days 17% of people accommodated were in […]

Happy Christmas? – We hope that it is for everyone.

With three days to go until Christmas, we wonder just how happy it will be for all islanders. Recent reports in the local press in Jersey have stated how demands on food banks are as high as they ever have been, and whilst the recent Soup Kitchen was a record-breaking success in terms of fundraising, […]

A record breaking Soup Kitchen for The Shelter Trust

This year’s Soup Kitchen was bigger, busier and ultimately raised more money than any other year that had gone before, bringing in a staggering £27,500 which The Shelter Trust Chairman Neville Benbow described in the Jersey Evening Post as ‘fantastic’. 37 soups were available on the day supplied by a selection of organisations including Government […]

Updates since publication of the HJ Strategy

Since the Jersey Homelessness Strategy was published in November 2020 there has been some good progress, but there is still so much more that needs to be done. Homelessness Strategy and Actions to date. – What has been achieved. Understand and define homelessness by providing a statutory definition and clear messages to promote a shared […]