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Ensuring everyone has a safe and secure place they can call home is a primary need and from which healthy communities grow.


Homelessness is a term meaning different things to different people. This report explains Jersey’s first strategy for tackling the issue of homelessness in our island, whether in the visible form of rough sleeping or less obvious challenges around access to housing, unsuitable or unsafe accommodation and threat of eviction.

The Strategy has been developed in partnership between the Government of Jersey, social housing providers, the third sector and private sector organisations, and aims to strengthen the housing safety net to prevent homelessness and provide for those who need support. We want to provide hope for everyone that they can resolve their particular housing situation.

Changing Communities

Homelessness comes in all shapes and sizes and includes rough sleeping, people living in temporary accommodation perhaps under the threat of eviction or domestic violence or inadequate accommodation. Ensuring everyone has a safe and secure place they can call home is a primary need and from which healthy communities grow into strong sustainable communities where everyone has the opportunity to contribute.

About this Forum

About this Forum

This new Forum is being developed to bring together the many organisations in Jersey who each are committed to tackling homelessness in the island. We aim to foster partnership between the voluntary and community sector, housing providers and government to work together strategically for the benefit of those who find themselves homeless, or are at risk of homelessness, and in turn for the benefit of Jersey as a whole. 

Partnership Between the Government
and the Community

Following the 2018 Jersey Election, the Minister for Children and Housing expressed a desire to tackle the issue of homelessness in Jersey as one of his priorities. This is consistent with the Council of Ministers Statement of Common Strategic Policy 2018–2022, this includes a priority to reduce income inequality and improve the standard of living for Islanders.

Homelessness Cluster: 

In December 2018 a workshop of community organisations was held to consider the issues of homelessness in Jersey and the need for a new strategic approach. Following this first session, further meetings of community organisations have taken place and will continue to take place to form the Jersey Homelessness Cluster.

Homelessness Strategic Board:

In May 2019, a project Board was formed to develop closer partnership and collaboration between community groups and the Government of Jersey. At the outset it was expected that this Board would exist for at least 12 months whilst the strategy for tackling homelessness in Jersey was being developed and agreed, and it is still in operation. The Board sees the next year as a crucial time to promote the cause of homelessness in Jersey to existing States Members as well as other candidates that are likely to stand for election in Jersey’s next General Election that will take place on 22nd June 2022.
The Homelessness Strategic Board has an appointed chair and vice-chair that are independent of the Government of Jersey and any community organisation.

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